Montag, 14. Oktober 2019

etwinning Qualitätssiegel award ceremony in Linz

On October 10th, 2019 our school was honoured with the etwinning Qualitätssiegel (quality seal) for our Erasmus+ project "Escaping War - Sharing Refugees' Memories".

Our 6 Erasmus students Delphina, Meldy, Jessica, Omar, Aramis and Justin visited the award ceremony at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz with our headmistress Eva-Maria Winter-DeRouin and Ms. Samek.

Erasmus Days 2019 with Bundesministerin Rauskal

Our Erasmus+ national agency OeAD and the minister of education, Mrs. Rauskala visited our school on October 9th 2019 for an Erasmus Day opening ceremony!
It was a very special honour for us to present our Erasmus+ projects to a lot of important people:

  • Fr. Bundesministerin für Bildung...Fr. Iris Rauskala (minister of education)
  • Fr. Bezirksschulinspektorin/SQM Fr. Dr. Ursula Huber
  • Hr. Bezirksvorsteher (local politician) Resch
  • Fr. Deborah Burger vom Europabüro der Bildungsdirektion (board of education)
  • OeAD GF Jakob Calice und Fr. Ursula Panuschka (national agency)
  • Fr.Jechsmayer vom Elternverein (parents' association)

The 2c class presented a song and dance performance and the students of the 3b and 4b presented our Erasmus+ Projects:
  • "Escaping War - Sharing Refugees' Memories" with our Spanish partner school (Girona)
  • "Our Planet - Our Future" with a new Spanish partner school (Sevilla)
  • "How to motivate challenging students - Both gifted and problematic students" with a Finish partner school

Welcome speech from our headmistress Eva-Maria Winter-DeRouin, GF Jakob Calice from the national agency and the minister of education Mrs. Iris Rauskala

 Dancing performance from 2c

 Presentaion of our Erasmus+ projects

Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2019

Presenting our Erasmus project at the "Haus der Europäischen Union"

On September 26th 2019 (Tag der europäischen Sprachen) we were invited to present our Erasmus+ refugee project at the "Haus der Europäischen Union".

Many thanks to Delphina, Meldy, Jessica, Aramis, Justin and Omar for their professional presentation!

Afterwards the students were invited to test their knowledge about the EU ;-)

Sonntag, 26. Mai 2019

Final Erasmus project presentation and ceremony

Our Erasmus+ project "Escaping War - Sharing Refugees' Memories" is comming to an end now after 3 wonderful and busy years!
On Mai, 21st we invited special guests, parents and students to a final Erasmus project presentation and ceremony:

Our headmistress, Direktorin Eva-Maria Winter-De Rouin gave a warm welcome speech to all the VIP guests, parents and students

Our VIP guests:

  • The school inspector Mrs. BSI Dr. Ursula Huber
  • The district representatives Mr. Resch and Mr. Mader
  • Directors of otherschool in the district
  • Mrs.Jechsmayer from the parents association
  • Doborah Burger of the Europabüro der Bildungsdirektion
  • Smart Academy

Then Mrs. Ursula Panuschka, from the OeAD, the Austrian national agency gave a keynote speech about the  Erasmus+ programme

Afterwards the Krim Erasmus coordinator teacher, Karin Samek and 6 (8) out of all 35 Erasmus students introduced the Erasmus project and the project activities:
Our students did a great job! Thanks to 
  • Leonie Wages und David Zeisl
  • Meldy Sumiller und Justin Syed
  • Delphina Fielhauer und Aramis Balcos
  • (Jessica Khurana und Omar Allam)
 and Mrs. Krynicki!

The highlight of our ceremony was the presentation of our video documentary "Escaping War"
Our Spanish colleagues did a great job editting and finalizing the film!!!

Mrs. Jechsmayer, from the parents' association honoured the teachers of the project and...

In the end we all met for a nice get-together around a buffet and our students explained our project activities with our photo exhibition.

And we are so happy and thankful that our former 4c refugee kids came to the presentation! Thanks again to Mais, Asmaa, Razan, Ibrahim, Belal and Eissa!!!

Samstag, 17. November 2018

EU workshop at the "Demokratiewerkstatt"

On Nov 14th the 3b class visited the "Demokratiewerkstatt" (workshop center of the Austrian parliament) for a workshop about the European Union.

We split up in groups to work on different issues of the European Union (history and development, tasks of the EU, Austria and the EU and the 4 freedoms) and created our own "EU newspaper"!